Flywheel Buckead and Midtown

Flywheel is a spin class.  The studio provides you with towels and shoes to clip into the bikes.  Both studios also provide showers, towels, and cosmetics. The music and instructors are always very uplifting and motivating.  There are three different classes  offered: Fly45 which is a 45 minute spin class, Fly 60 which is a … Continue reading Flywheel Buckead and Midtown


Blast Buckhead and Blast Midtown

Blast is a one hour class that incorporates both cardio and HIIT training.  The class is made up of thirty minutes on the treadmill and thirty minutes doing floor intervals broken down in alternating intervals. The studio provides you with a water bottle and towel each time you go to class. An attendant in the … Continue reading Blast Buckhead and Blast Midtown