Barry’s Boot Camp in Nashville, TN

Whenever I go home to Nashville, I have to do at least one Barry’s Bootcamp class.  Everything about this studio makes it my favorite.  From the second you walk in, the front desk staff to the instructors are all as friendly and welcoming as can be. Their signature hour-long workouts include 25-30 minutes of interval … Continue reading Barry’s Boot Camp in Nashville, TN


How I Stay Fit While Traveling

I believe that experiences are far more valuable than any material item I could buy, which is why traveling is easily my favorite thing to spend money on.  I luckily found a job that sends me all over the country, and I love to explore the new cities I’m in on my down time. When … Continue reading How I Stay Fit While Traveling

classpass review

I’m halfway through one month of classpass and so far, I love it! Ever since I joined track in high school (I sucked at every other sport because my hand-eye coordination is appalling), my daily exercise has consisted of running outside. It got way too cold to run outside after the end of August, however, and that’s when I stopped exercising altogether. I contemplated getting a monthly gym membership but didn’t think the monthly fee was worth it unless I went almost every day (which wouldn’t happen because I often work late hours).

Introducing classpass, the solution to all my exercise problems! Classpass is similar to a gym membership, but it’s mainly for various types of exercise classes. By paying a monthly fee, you get access to a set number of classes offered at gyms and studios in your city. You can even choose a class in a different city if you happen to…

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Olive sums up why I love classpass perfectly!

When it comes to working out I am the queen of lazy. I need someone to get in my face and scream “JUST DO IT!” otherwise I probably won’t do it. I would rather hike, play soccer or just eat ice cream.

ClassPass has changed the way I work out. It’s the hottest new app that has countless studios all over the US participating.


After downloading the app, it asks a series of questions to design the program according to what kinds of workouts the person is looking for. Everything from yoga to boxing to cycling is included in a membership.


Not only is it cheaper than a lot of studios, the opportunity to try out different classes, teachers and gyms makes it all the worth while. I also love how I can sign up for a class near my work or near my place.


Did I mention it’s only $50…

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