Whenever I go home to Nashville, I have to do at least one Barry’s Bootcamp class.  Everything about this studio makes it my favorite.  From the second you walk in, the front desk staff to the instructors are all as friendly and welcoming as can be. Their signature hour-long workouts include 25-30 minutes of interval cardiovascular treadmill routines and 25-30 minutes of strength training using free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls and other equipment.  

The instructors are tough but motivating, and help you get through the brutal workout of a mixture of sprints, incline runs, weights, and more squats than you could ever have imagined. Depending on the day, they target certain areas. Monday is Arms + Abs, Tuesday is Butt + Legs, Wednesday is Chest, Back + Abs, Thursday is Hard CORE Abs, and Friday-Sunday is a full body workout.  The instructors go through a cool down and stretch with you at the end of each class, and then you are done.

The locker room is filled with Malin+Goetz products and towels which is perfect for when I have to go somewhere after my class. Also Barry’s Bootcamp is in 26 different major cities in the US and Europe so even if you don’t live in Nashville there may be a studio in a city near you!


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